the invisible man

released: 2020

directed by: Leigh Whannell


written by: David Botros


I remember seeing the trailer and reeeally not looking forward to this.

Assumed they would give it the modern-day jump scare franchise treatment – just take the invisible man and plop him into today.

However: I was unaware this was the same guy who directed Upgrade.

I was also unaware of how well Leigh Whannell, writer as well as director, was able to incorporate the goofy concept of a man who is in.vis.i.ble. into a genuinely engaging story.

Because really, it’s about control.

Control in relationships, control over your sanity, control over your own decisions.

This woman who’s undergone severe trauma (thanks to her spouse) feels she is haunted by him at all times.

The best thing this movie does is make you question the movie itself.

After a superb setup of tension, especially with the help of some claustrophobic sound design, I was constantly searching for signs, clues, as to where something or someone might be.

Just giving you a wide shot with nothing particularly surreal in the frame is enough now that you aware of the premise.

Scares are well earned, although a little goofy when things start to become less invisible.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that there are some genuinely unexpected moments here.

I thought the psychological parts were far more investing than the sci-fi/horror, and a really unique take on the whole invisible man brand.

As it’s moving along, you don’t only question the shots, but the characters.

Everything is left intentionally ambiguous so that different interpretations can be thought up.

I, personally, like the idea of an unstable protagonist, so that’s the lens I chose to look through.

And the beauty of ambiguity is that by the end, all perspectives are considered plausible.


A fun thriller that’s got a little more on its mind.

Copyright © 2021 David Botros