released: 1995

directed by: Mel Gibson


written by: David Botros


The story of William Wallace and the freedom of the Scottish folk from beneath England’s empire.

I’ll be straight with you and say: I don’t know my medieval history as well as some.

I’ve read that the movie romanticizes, exaggerates, and takes liberties with certain plot-lines.

That may be true, but does it succeed in telling its tale?


If anything this movie is as bow-and-arrow straight to the point as it gets.

Not too long ago, people held their arguments over absolute bloody warfare, and the Christ-like figure of Wallace pulls no punches.

Reversely, it’s not about forgiveness: it’s about taking what’s yours.

Those battle scenes fly by yet they are paced perfectly.

Each new fight has its own clever traps; the Scotts don’t win by sheer force – like Gibson’s character teaches them, it’s about employing your wits.

The landscapes paired with the music give off a strong aroma of Middle Earth.

Some of the sequences are pure adrenaline fueled empowerment –

And in contrast you have the inspiring force of romance to appeal to all the bloodthirsty lovebirds out there.

One thing that threw me off was the passage of time.

Because the movie hardly ever lets up, you start to lose track of how many years have passed between each encounter.


This movie’s like a spear to the heart, in a good way.

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