the adventures of baron munchausen

released: 1988

directed by: Terry Gilliam


written by: David Botros


Disclaimer: I have not seen any of the earlier adaptations, one of which was made in a war-torn Germany.

What I am basing my impression of the story on is this one film, which is actually …

Stories within stories.

Hard to describe linearly, so I will leave it at the title:

A series of adventures, one fantastical scene after the other.

Weird to me that I’d never heard of this one before, considering how mind-blowing the visuals are.

Each character is wonderfully unique.

Standouts include Robin Williams! as the Moon King – a floating head trying to escape from its body’s subhuman desires.

Hilarious, heartwarming, and thought provoking, everything we’ve always expected and loved about Robin.

Those highbrowed themes of mind over matter, imagination overcoming reality, or even grappling with the acceptance of one’s death are all handled with such childlike giddiness.

The charm is just undeniable.

Also Uma Thurman’s in this; weird and cool to see her pre-Pulp.

Although the sets and costumes and technical wizardry are enough to keep you entertained …

It lacks the comicality of something like Princess Bride or another of Terry Gilliam’s films (something about a python and holy pail?) …

I see myself appreciating this one more over time, but not sure if I’ll want to revisit it.

Found myself admiring the mechanics behind the filmmaking instead of being wrapped up in the wonder of it all.

Not sure if this is meant for kids or adults or the both of them.

Regardless, a theatrical treat worthy of your consideration.

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