smokey and the bandit

released: 1977

directed by: Hal Needham


written by: David Botros


No doubt a romp and a half to watch.

Think Mad Max; less stunts, more laughs.

I’d describe it as vehicular slapstick.

Burt Reynolds gets hired to illegally deliver a truckload of beer in time for a big hoorah.

On the way home, he picks up a runaway bride and you just know where that relationship’s headed the second she hops into his car.

It’s a chase movie through and through, with Sheriff Justice taking over as one of the great cinematic villains –

His name is Sheriff Justice.

And it’s got just the right amount of hunky dory riff raff romance in there to keep things personal.

Moments of intimate connection take place in a speeding car, the background a blur.

Honestly a fresh perspective on the romcom staple.


Smokey and the Bandit is a breezy good time.

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